Aakriti Promotions & Media Ltd
Aakriti Promotions and Media Ltd. is an Integrated Communications Solutions provider. With access to an intrinsically sound network of knowledge, resources, and tools diligently built up over the years, Aakriti has cohered into a full-fledged service communication agency today. There are more than 25 passionate professionals working across disciplines, and an eminent group of advisors constituting its resource pool across Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bhopal. Aakriti believes in providing media and marketing solutions that generate a buzz, create a competitive advantage and successfully impact the corporate growth chart for its clients. We are not just a communication agency but partners in our clients'​ business, thereby providing them with integrated communication solutions. With a vibrant team of people encouraged to tread unexplored paths through innovative ideas, Aakriti aspires to bring a rich reservoir of experience and creative insight to the communication workspace in India today with its presence in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bhopal. The agency has launched several success stories over the years. By providing strategic communication and a 360-degree approach, Aakriti was successful in maintaining supportive relationships with its corporate and government clients for decades