Archer Art Gallery
The company was founded in 1978 as a Designing Studio in a small room under the name 'Archer'. Today, the administrative headquarter of Archer Group is 10,000 sq. ft., four storey 'Archer House' and the group's manufacturing facilities are at various places. During the period of last 20 years, the commitment to quality & dedication of work paid off in terms of numerous National Awards & Achievements & blue chip clientele. Besides publications, today Archer also runs Design studio, Art gallery & real estate business. Art Gallery: During this process of growing, Archer came into contact with many artists like M F Husain, Bhupen Khakhar, Amit Ambalal, Gulammohammed Sheikh, Jatin Das and many more. It is Husain, who motivated the idea of starting an Art Gallery with his blessings in 1996. Since then, we have grown many folds and now have one of the largest collection of Contemporary Paintings , Sculptures and Graphics. The Gallery is actively involved in promoting upcoming artists and also organizes the Exhibitions of various artists. To promote art, the Gallery is planning to publish a tri-monthly Newsletter within next couple of months. The Gallery is also planning to take a show of few upcoming artists of Gujarat to various cities of India and abroad.