Global Institute for IT Management
The objective of the Global Institute for IT Management (GIIM) is to impart a complete, flexible, and immediately actionable set of best practices by an international group of over 300 prominent academics, practitioners, and management consultants, to prepare IT and non-IT thought leaders for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The institute provides a comprehensive set of 35 IT management certificates (over 150 courses), with each frequently considered as being the single most important educational experience in the attendees’ professional life. The courses within the 35 respective certificates are delivered face-to-face and online, in concert with affiliate IT management associations, individual company groups/cohorts, or universities (where Masters Degrees can also be awarded). The learning opportunities are in close proximity to the job, on a just-in time basis, and integrated into the clients broader learning and development objectives. GIIM collaborates with its affiliates in delivering full degrees, certifications, postgraduate diplomas, and customized just-in-time workshops & seminars.