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Your Personal Board of Directors?

Why Join a DLC Forum

Forums are a complete gamechanger in a Leader's Personal and Professional Life.

We at DLC know that leaders are often lonely at the top. While one may share 95% of their woes with another, Forums have the potential to address the remaining 5%.

Thereby stems our endeavor to demolish this elitist mindset and Democratize the world of Forums by bringing the World's Best Forum Facilitators on one of the most advanced Forum Applications.


The History Of Forums

  • 1911

    The first recorded forum: in J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings

  • 1978

    The Young Presidents Organization (YPO) adopted forums

  • 1990’s

    More peer leadership organizations such as the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), YEO, CEO Forum adopted forums and its popularity grew rapidly

  • 2020

    Forums are thriving and have been integrated globally, by leading companies like Google

Benefits of Joining a Forum

What is the purpose of setting up DLC?
DLC believes that leaders are always lonely at the top. We want to challenge this status quo and cause a positive impact in the world of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders. We believe the DLC Global Community can be the catalyst of change to drive people from A Life of Success to a Life of Significance
A. The DLC Global Community

The DLC Global Community is an ensemble of the collective expertise of 1500+ thought leaders from 15 of the world’s major cities and straddling 26 diverse Knowledge Domains (13 Business and 13 Lifestyle). It is the knowledge, experiences, insights that these experts bring to the DLC table that make each DLC Global Business and Lifestyle Committee unique and invaluable the world over.


To become a DLC Member you need to have at least one notable accomplishment which others can learn from.

Members Testimonials

DLC Forums have helped me realize that I am not the only one dealing with numerous problems. It is a space where you meet like-minded people with similar issues.

I cannot imagine not having had such a great group of supporters and confidence that I can count on. My Forums have provided me with more meaningful relationships than any man deserves and to say that I have had an outlet to unburden myself is an understatement My wish for every human being is to in a functional peer exchange group.

DLC Forums gives me holistic professional as well as personal growth. All problems discussed in a DLC Forum have multiple perspectives from various leaders.


Global, Regional and Chapter Forum

Members, their Spouse / Partner and Young Adult Children can select a format to reap the benefits of Forum that best suit their needs. Following the same Forum fundamentals, all Forums must comprise of 6 to 10 Forumites who are from non–competing backgrounds. All Forum Meetings are Member, Spouse or Young Adult - moderator led meetings. It is recommended to hold a Forum Meeting each month and 1 mandatory in-person Forum Retreat every year.


For those who want to learn of the business practices, culture and personal experiences from other countries. Gain a truly global perspective comprising of the same 6 to 10 Forumites from across the world. By blurring geographical boundaries, monthly meetings will be held online, culminating in one mandatory in-person Forum Retreat every year.


Offers the perfect balance for those members who wish to gain a broader perspective and experience share with Forumites beyond their chapter city but would wish to be more locally connected and grounded to members within their region. Monthly meetings will be held online. However, owing to the closer proximity, Forumites might find it beneficial to hold more In-Person Forum Meetings besides the mandatory In-person Forum Retreat.


For those who prefer the intimacy of a monthly physical meeting, chapter forums are an ideal option. Interact, converse and share experience with Forumites from the same Chapter City. Monthly in-person meetings offer a chance to build deeper connections.

Types of DLC Forums

We extend the benefits of forum to the entire family, be it a member, spouse/ partner or their young adult children. All Forums must adhere to the DLC Forum process to best avail its benefits.


The Global Honorary Forum Committee is composed of experienced and recognized Forum Facilitators from all over the globe. Having come on board with sheer passion for our vision, our Committee will ensure that all DLC Members are placed in a suitable non-competing environment so that they can derive the maximum value they can.


Extend your DLC Forum benefits to your spouse or partner. Have them join a Spouse/Partner Forum; authentic, confidential sharing spaces for their personal transformation.


Young Leaders deal with their own trials and tribulations in the nascent stages of their entrepreneurial journey. The Young Leaders Forum proves to be an ideal launchpad for success, connecting with peers in similar inculcating the benefits of a forum very early in their journey.