Leadership & Transformation

In this day and age of digital noise on leadership, this committee shall be making every endeavor to get the latest and most filtered Leadership knowledge from the world with a single objective to keep our members ahead of the curve. The DLC Leadership & Transformation Committee seeks to help existing and new leaders be more effective in taking management decisions to make their organizations future-fit in a fast-changing, dynamic environment. Amalgamating social impact or stakeholder thinking (as against shareholder thinking) into leadership styles will be another key underlying focus of the Leadership Committee.


The Global Committee is further divided into sub-committees to streamline the extensive and in-depth knowledge in this space for our members. This unique knowledge is oered in an easy-to-consume manner on the various DLC Formats

Business & Life Coaches

Business coaches assist and guide the business owners in running businesses by helping them clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with their personal goals. Business and Life coaches will help by scaling up businesses by giving their insights. DLC platform will assist its members in goal planning through these coaches.

Leadership Speakers

DLC brings to you leadership speakers from around the world to share their strategies and learnings with our members to inspire them to work towards their goals. The talks will cover techniques, methods, case studies and real-life examples how effective leadership skills managed to turn organizations around, make them successful and lead to sustainable growth of companies.

Business & Digital Transformation

Business and Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It's a culture shift that necessitates businesses constantly challenging the status quo, experimenting, and adapting to the new.

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Transformational leadership versus transactional leadership

Global Leadership & Transformation Committee

Transformational leadership versus transactional leadership

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    Top 10 Listing
    (As certified by Global Honorary Committee Members)

    DLC realises that our Global Community of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders deserve the best products, services and experiences. How do you give them a clear, concise perspective? DLC believes the most efficient way is to tap into the Knowledge and Experiences of our Honorary Committee Members by having them cast their own vote, then compile and share the list as Top 10. Every curated Top 10 list is a ranking of the DLC Global Leadership and Transformation Committee.

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    Brand Collaborations

    Leaders across the world face a shortage of time for themselves and their families. To address this, DLC provides its discerning members the most exclusive Brand offerings and curated Services to create Timeless Experiences and Memories.We have partnered with the most admired brands to fulfil a wide array of bespoke needs to enrich the lives of our esteemed members.

    Christopher Salem Invited as a Speaker at BeeKonnected Business Freedom Summit

    Proven strategies from serial entrepreneurs, world travellers, global investors, flag theory advocates and more.

    This year we decided to bring together 2000+ digital entrepreneurs, bitcoiners, world travellers, investors and freedom seekers from all around the globe to share knowledge, experience and expertise.

    1 DAY: Keynotes and panel discussions on things people don’t talk about
    2 DAY: Dedicated workshops: custom strategies, real cases and hands-on experience

    Christopher Salem Invited as a Speaker at BeeKonnected Business Freedom Summit


    The 6th Annual Leadership Summit America

    Leadership Summit America is THE premier leadership event of the year providing you with unstoppable momentum to propel you forward.

    When you attend this energy fused leadership conference you will receive world-class, real-life advice from leaders who have successfully done it. Better yet, you will receive vital keys for your play book to put your leadership into action.

    The 6th Annual Leadership Summit America



    No. To represent and maintain sanctity of the domain, DLC encourages smes to stick to their core domain expertise

    Every HCM has to attend 3 Global Annual Meetings (Virtual) of their respective committees.

    There will be 1 masterclass per committee per month

    Eligibility will be decided by DLC (POC, Consultant, Committee Chair & the DLC Founder)

    Subject matter expert in one domain will be only in that domain. For Subject Matter Experts across more than one domain DLC will offer a choice for them.