United Agro Engineering Pvt Ltd

At the outset United Agro Engineering Pvt Ltd was established in 1957 and was part of the United Group. Over the period of time, it became an entity of its own and has been catering to the requirements of Industries in and around. United Agro has the Distinction of launching prestigious brands in the MARKET SINCE INCEPTION.

Over the period of time, we have diversified and specialized in explosion protected equipments, which are meant for installation for use in hazardous locations to ensure safety, reliability of manufacturing in exposable / explosive atmospheres.

The improper selection, installation & operation of an electrical equipment in industries where explosion hazards are likely to be encountered due to presence of flammable gases, vapors, chemicals, dusts or volatile liquids either during manufacturing, processing, storage handling, transport and or transferring operation can result in catastrophic situation

Our products are already recognized in various industries such as Petrochemical, Refinery, Oil & Gas, Oil Mines, Pesticides, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Bulk Drugs , Pharmaceuticals and Ordnance Factories.

We offers a comprehensive techno commercial innovative range of explosion protected designed products complying with all international standards.

We are an established and most favored company with our clients, who are dealing with us since last 45 years along with an excellent track record for the best customer service. We have never compromised on quality and services provided to our clients.

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