Hotcrete Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Hotcrete s continued growth is based upon long – held values of innovation, integrity, excellence service and detailed value engineering process technology, project management and construction along with excellent backup of material solutions. Today the company has the necessary financial strength, expertise man power and state of the art plants and machinery to undertake supply and execution to projects of any magnitude. The group also has joint venture and consortium tie- up with national and international companies to tender large scale projects. Hotcrete’s vision is to become a one-stop solution provider to the Civil Engineering and construction market. Hotcrete researches, manufactures, supplies, and construct solutions within its target markets. With a lean asset and more business partnerships model around the country ease the overall operations and faster decision making.

An Intensive learning approach and a strong quest for top quality work have enabled HOTCRETE to Scale up to heights in short time. Recognizing the growing importance to infrastructure field in India, Hotcrete Group has carefully nurtured and built a well-equipped organization to meet the challenges and surge forward development in India aiming to become market leader in the field of infrastructure.

With the existing strengths, Hotcrete has entered into strategic tie-ups with leading international and reputed local companies like 3M USA, Maccaferri Italy, GRT Australia, ENH Denmark, BWS Germany, DVD Valves – Turkey, CQCE, China and ECMAS construction chemicals to bring in advanced products for the infrastructure industry in India.

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