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Cron AI is building senseEDGE™️ an edge inference 3D sensor data perception processing platform.

Architected from the ground up and specifically designed to address the acceleration requirements of 3D sensing perception processing at the edge, the platform supports next-generation applications, sensors, neural networks and algorithms across the mobility, transport infrastructure, smart spaces, automation and security markets.

senseEDGE™ is a ground-breaking agnostic (sensor and output), contextually aware, artificially evolving, self-optimising heterogeneous FPGA-based edge platform.

Bridging the gap between complex 3D sensing dynamics and real-world applications on the edge, senseEDGE™ offers:

● Accelerated algorithms for 3D sensing
● Scalable to support next generations of algorithms and 3D sensing modalities
● User-optimised throughput and latency
● Continuous real-time self-adaptation to environment and context